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new snapshot [Re: coreutils 6.9.92 fail to configure on *bsd

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot [Re: coreutils 6.9.92 fail to configure on *bsd
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 15:34:20 +0100

Elias Pipping <address@hidden> wrote:
> on bsd-like systems(*), `./configure` fails with v6.9.92. The error is:
>   checking for library containing crypt... none required
>   sed: 1: "/^gl_INCLUDE_EXCLUDE_PR ...": bad flag in substitute command: '}'
>   configure: error: internal error: g'l_INCLUDE_EXCLUDE_PROG's 2nd arg, ,
>              does not match the list of default-not-installed programs
>              (arch hostname su) also recorded in ./src/Makefile.am
> The bug is easily fixed by inserting a newline right before the closing
> '}', to make non-GNU sed(1) happy. I've attached a patch(*).
> With it, v6.9.92 compiles on the aforementioned platforms -- while the
> test suite passes on openbsd, though, on darwin 15 tests fail:
>     FAIL: help-version.log
>     FAIL: parent-perm.log
>     FAIL: file-perm-race.log
>     FAIL: parent-perm-race.log
>     FAIL: existing-perm-race.log
>     FAIL: backup-dir.log
>     FAIL: src-base-dot.log
>     FAIL: preserve-2.log
>     FAIL: fail-perm.log
>     FAIL: cp-parents.log
>     FAIL: basic-1.log
>     FAIL: create-leading.log
>     FAIL: misc.log

I've built a new snapshot:


and confirmed that it fixes all of those problems on your
i386-apple-darwin9.1.0 system, as long as you disable ACL support:

    ./configure --disable-acl

The other two failures were fixed via changes in gnulib:

>     FAIL: test-frexpl
>     FAIL: test-printf-frexpl

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