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coreutils-7.0 df test failures

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: coreutils-7.0 df test failures
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 12:51:50 +0100

Today Ondřej reported that this koji build detected two df failures:


Both failed like this:

  FAIL: df/total.log (exit: 1)
  + fail=0
  + umask 22
  + RE_TOTAL='^total( +(-?[0-9]+|-)){3} +-?[0-9]+%$'
  + df
  + /bin/grep -E '^total( +(-?[0-9]+|-)){3} +-?[0-9]+%$' tmp
  df: cannot read table of mounted file systems

  FAIL: df/total-awk.log (exit: 1)
  + df --total -P --block-size=512
  + tee space
  df: cannot read table of mounted file systems

Here's a fix to avoid the failure and to cause the test to
be skipped, as intended:

diff --git a/tests/df/total-verify b/tests/df/total-verify
index 5b58565..caf6d1a 100755
--- a/tests/df/total-verify
+++ b/tests/df/total-verify
@@ -54,8 +54,10 @@ EOF

 # Use --block-size=512 to keep df from printing rounded-to-kilobyte
 # numbers which wouldn't necessarily add up to the displayed total.
-df --total -P --block-size=512 |tee space || framework_failure
-df --total -i -P               |tee inode || framework_failure
+df --total -P --block-size=512 > space || framework_failure
+cat space  # this helps when debugging any test failure
+df --total -i -P               > inode || framework_failure
+cat inode

 $PERL -f check-df space || fail=1

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