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md5sum prints binary junk when given bad input

From: James Strother
Subject: md5sum prints binary junk when given bad input
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 21:58:19 -0800

This is more a feature request than a bug report.  I just tried running the
   md5sum --check disc.iso

and found that md5sum prints out a bunch of binary junk onto the terminal.
I had to
reset the terminal to clear things up.  My mistake is obvious, I had
intended to run
   md5sum --check disc.iso.md5

But, it seems to me that md5sum should have recognized that the input file
an invalid format and printed out an error message.  In fact, I've  received
error message when the md5 file was written in a slightly different
dialect.  So
I'm a bit confused as to why binary junk isn't caught as having an invalid

The version is 5.97 and was encountered on Ubuntu 7.10.


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