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new snapshot available: coreutils-7.0.171-0dc44

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot available: coreutils-7.0.171-0dc44
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2009 09:28:05 +0100

Here's a snapshot of the latest from coreutils,
along with the parts of gnulib it uses.

coreutils snapshot:
  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-ss.tar.gz      9.2 MB
  http://meyering.net/cu/coreutils-ss.tar.xz      4.0 MB

Note the new .xz suffix.  I've switched to XZ, the new name for lzma,
to go with some new functionality and a stable format.[1]

With over 100 change sets since the last snapshot, it was overdue.
Here's what's changed in NEWS, followed by a "git shortlog" summary:

Since there have been so few real bugs, and there has been relatively
little change in existing code (excluding non-invasive feature addition),
I expect to declare the next release "stable".  FYI, fewer than 20 of
the shortlog summaries listed below represent potentially destabilizing
changes.  Most are adding tests, documentation, or performing some sort
of clean-up or maintenance.

Thanks to everyone who's been contributing!


diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index cbea67c..a83ca66 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -4,19 +4,55 @@ GNU coreutils NEWS                         -*- outline -*-

 ** New features

+  Add extended attribute support available on certain filesystems like ext2
+  and XFS.
+    cp: Tries to copy xattrs when --preserve=xattr specified
+    mv: Always tries to copy xattrs
+    install: Never copies xattrs
+  cp and mv accept a new option, --no-clobber (-n): silently refrain
+  from overwriting any existing destination file
+  dd accepts iflag=cio and oflag=cio to open the file in CIO (concurrent I/O)
+  mode where this feature is available.
   ls --color now highlights hard linked files, too

   stat -f recognizes the Lustre file system type

 ** Bug fixes

+  chgrp, chmod, chown --silent (--quiet, -f) no longer print some diagnostics
+  [bug introduced in coreutils-5.1]
+  cp uses much less memory in some situations
+  du --files0-from=FILE no longer reads all of FILE into RAM before
+  processing the first file name
   seq 9223372036854775807 9223372036854775808 now prints only two numbers
   on systems with extended long double support and good library support.
   Even with this patch, on some systems, it still produces invalid output,
   from 3 to at least 1026 lines long. [bug introduced in coreutils-6.11]

+  wc --files0-from=FILE no longer reads all of FILE into RAM, before
+  processing the first file name, unless the list of names is known
+  to be small enough.
 ** Changes in behavior

+  cp and mv: the --reply={yes,no,query} option has been removed.
+  Using it has elicited a warning for the last three years.
+  dd: user specified offsets that are too big are handled better.
+  Previously, erroneous parameters to skip and seek could result
+  in redundant reading of the file with no warnings or errors.
+  du: -H (initially equivalent to --si) is now equivalent to
+  --dereference-args, and thus works as POSIX requires
+  shred: now does 3 overwrite passes by default rather than 25.
   ls -l now marks SELinux-only files with the less obtrusive '.',
   rather than '+'.  A file with any other combination of MAC and ACL
   is still marked with a '+'.

Changes since 7.0.59-4e38e6:

Eric Blake (3):
      doc: mention long option abbreviation
      option handling: make exceptions more consistent
      test, echo, printf: don't accept option abbreviation

James Youngman (1):
      pwd: add pwd -P, -L to TODO

Jim Meyering (72):
      doc: HACKING: reference http://www.gnu.org/licenses/why-assign.html
      cp: remove unused code
      tests: add a test of cp --preserve=links
      cp: use far less memory in some cases
      tests: dd: add a test for the required behavior
      doc (stat): clarify: there are two sets of format directives
      doc: tail: one more s/bytes/n/ change
      doc: factor out list of suffix-to-number (e.g., KB->1000B) mappings
      tests: dd/reblock: avoid occasional failure
      remove explicit declaration of putenv, ...
      tests: avoid failure of cp/link-heap on some systems
      tests: start long-running cp/link-heap earlier
      build: don't reject definition of STREQ
      tests: df: skip total-verify if df fails
      m4: avoid a warning from gcc's -Wstrict-prototypes
      doc: enforce @var{lower} policy
      cp, mv: remove 3-year-deprecated+warned-about --reply option
      * src/hostname.c (sethostname) [!HAVE_SETHOSTNAME]: Remove declaration.
      argv-iter: new module
      argv-iter: add tests
      * bootstrap.conf (gnulib_modules): Add argv-iter.
      avoid warnings about initialization of automatic aggregates
      seq: plug a leak
      du: read and process --files0-from= input a name at a time,
      wc: read and process --files0-from= input a name at a time,
      tests: ensure that chmod, chgrp and chown honor --silent
      doc: pr: formatting corrections
      du: -H now does what POSIX requires
      ChangeLog-2008: say ChangeLog files are no longer manually maintained
      build: add configure-time --enable-gcc-warnings option; avoid warnings
      build: turn on $(WERROR_CFLAGS) for src/
      build: add configure-time --enable-gcc-warnings option; avoid warnings
      maint.mk: enforce the "include <config.h> first" rule
      * .x-sc_require_config_h: Remove obsolete regexps.
      build: do enable $(WERROR_CFLAGS) for src/ files.
      maint: ensure dd's computation of O_FULLBLOCK uses all O_ symbol names
      cleanup/modernize: don't test HAVE_MBRTOWC; now gnulib provides it
      portability: accommodate gnulib's getaddrinfo change
      maint: move coreutils-specific syntax check rules into cfg.mk
      maint: tighten m4 AC_ quoting check
      maint: use more sc_-prefixed names
      maint: factor out common code; prohibit use of HAVE_MBRTOWC
      bootstrap: don't use cmp's -s option when reading from a pipe
      improve M4 quoting
      update copyright year
      tests: factor ls-misc (no semantic change)
      * maint.mk: align some backslashes
      * bootstrap.conf (avoided_gnulib_modules): Add dummy.
      echo, printf, test: remove unused #include directives
      maint: enforce existing prohibition: no cvs $keywords$
      maint: remove obsolete sc_author_mark_check rule
      build: use dist-xz, not dist-lzma
      tests: tail-2/infloop-1 is racy
      build: use dist-xz, not dist-lzma, cont'd
      no longer define *_FILENO constants
      m4: don't use AC_REQUIRE([AC_C_BIGENDIAN])
      build: resolve conflict with new declaration from version-etc.h
      tests: generalize install-transform-check
      doc: restore "REPORTING BUGS" section to generated man pages
      doc: ensure that emit_bug_reporting_address changes propagate to *.1
      doc: emit better bug-reporting info, to help help2man
      system.h: add a comment re autoconf's new AC_PACKAGE_URL
      maint: factor syntax-check rules
      maint: silence some syntax-check rules
      maint: teach "make syntax-check" to print each check name as it's run
      maint: detect useless inclusion of c-ctype.h
      * maint.mk (sc_redundant_const): Use $(_prohibit_regexp).
      update copyright dates from recent changes
      * src/system.h (emit_bug_reporting_address): Remove periods.
      doc: preserve --help line breaks in 'REPORTING BUGS' man page section
      maint: tighten atoi/atof-prohibiting regexp, clean up .x-sc- file
      avoid spurious parentheses/arith-op-related warnings from newer gcc

Kamil Dudka (2):
      cp/mv: add --no-clobber (-n) option to not overwrite target
      cp/mv: add xattr support

Karl Berry (2):
      doc (stat): correct formatting in coreutils.texi
      doc: move @shortcontents and @contents from end to start

Matt Harden (1):
      dd: add support for opening files in Concurrent I/O (CIO) mode

Michael Meskes (1):
      stat: print file-system total inode count (%c) as an unsigned number

Ondřej Vašík (2):
      doc: fix typo in units factorization, removed TODO items
      chmod, chown, chgrp: honor --silent (-f) once again

Pádraig Brady (24):
      dd: avoid unnecessary memory copies
      getlimits: A new utility for use in coreutils' tests
      Revert part of "dd: avoid unnecessary memory copies"
      doc: tail: fix description of --bytes=N (-c)
      tests: dd/reblock: Reduce chance of timing related failures
      doc: Improve description of --files0-from option
      doc: Tweak info docs to standarise on lower-case @var{file}
      doc: Make descriptions of ASCII NUL and --zero-terminated option 
      doc: Remove curly quotes from shell examples in man pages
      timeout: remove problematic casts
      doc: stty: Clarification of some input and output settings
      tests: refactor to use the new getlimits utility
      src/.gitignore: Ignore getlimits utility
      doc: pathchk description enhancements
      simplify mgetgroups() and avoid -Wsign-compare warnings
      shred: avoid -Wsign-compare warnings
      pr: avoid -Wsign-compare warnings
      pathchk: avoid -Wsign-compare warnings
      shred: change default number of overwrites from 25 to 3
      doc: shred: Correct docs on default number of overwrites.
      dd: Better handle user specified offsets that are too big
      tests: Add a test to verify shred's default operations
      tests: Fixup shred-passes test
      tests: fix dd skip=greater_max_file_size test on Solaris 10

Ralf Wildenhues (1):
      more portable bootstrap procedure

address@hidden (2):
      document sort --ignore-case --unique interaction
      date doc: warn at -d about LC_TIME

[1] You can get xz (aka xz-utils) from http://tukaani.org/, e.g.,
or from the git repository: git://ctrl.tukaani.org/xz.git

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