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Need info.....ugent....

From: vimal raj
Subject: Need info.....ugent....
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 21:32:56 +0530 (IST)

    I cant able to run the following Shell program in the UBUNTU 7.10 version. 

Program to perform Arithmetic Operations using CASE Statement

echo "Enter two Numbers"
read a b
echo "1.Add 2.Sub 3.Mul 4.Div 5.Exit
read op
case $op in
1) expr '$c=$a+$b';;
2) expr '$c=$a-$b';;
3) expr '$c=$a\*$b';;
4) expr '$c=$a+$b';;
How to execute this shell programming and want to know commands...
Is it through... sh or some other commands for ubuntu 7.10 version
Kindly reply me if there is any syntax errors in the above program or there is 
any problem in the UBUNTU version or any components to be installed.
And also i want the details how to run ANSI C programs...Is there any updates 
or the components to be installed....Pls provide me some details...
1. How to install the 'C' Compiler through CD?
2. Where i can download or get those updates?
3. How to execute C program in the Terminal?
4. How to see the C program output?

Kindly do this needful as early as possible...

With regards,
Vimalraj R
BKR Engineering College

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