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Re: coreutils-7.1.81-9b653 test results

From: Matthew Woehlke
Subject: Re: coreutils-7.1.81-9b653 test results
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 12:26:03 -0500
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Eric Blake wrote:
Matthew Woehlke <mw_triad <at> users.sourceforge.net> writes:

(Thanks, btw :-).           ^^^^ )

==== sparc/Solaris ====

Which version of Solaris?

2.7. (I think I'd mentioned that previously but you probably didn't see that message.)

...okay, trying again after some Makefile hacking:

'make clean' followed by 'make CFLAGS=-g' eliminates the need for Makefile hacking.

...and takes much longer ;-).

Or use ./configure CFLAGS=-g from the get-go.

Maybe I should add that to my always-used CFLAGS... is -g portable to all known reasonable compilers?

[snip other stuff]
And that's where I'm stuck. Maybe Bruno has some better ideas at what to look at next, since he maintains GNU gettext, and rewrote that portion of test-
quotearg to force the use of a .mo file with locale-specific quotes?

I'd honestly prefer to get gettext 0.17 working, so again, if anyone has any idea about the problem I mentioned, I'd be much appreciative. Then I can re-test with gettext 0.17 and hopefully it passes then :-). (And I'd have a newer gettext for the whole chain - on three platforms - as well.)

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