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Re: feature request: list statistical properties for the list of files p

From: George Marselis
Subject: Re: feature request: list statistical properties for the list of files passed
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 17:46:52 +0100
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James Youngman wrote:
It's not such a great idea to do that.   Far better to chop that up
into at least 1000 subdirectories.  But take care not to use more than
about 32,000 subdirectories, as some Linux filesystems either don't
allow it (ext3) or some operations become less efficient at that point
(ext4's st_nlink changes meaning).

Totally agree with you. Unfortunately I'm barred from waking the system
architects with my Cluex4 :


i have been awaken already too many times in the middle of the night by the
filesystem reaching 98% inode capacity....
I'm not sure determine_median_access_time has such a big potential
user base, to be honest.

However, I'm not sure what your performance requirements are, but if
performance is an issue, bear in mind that there are several
partitioning algorithms that allow you to find the median of a dataset
without fully sorting it.

nothing that complicated: find /path/to/dir/with/10M/files -type f +atime $MEDIAN_FILE_DATE -exec rm -f {} \;

this runs sparingly enough and the server generates enough files to usually get rid of a couple of million files which have a date stamp of the most busiest days older than 30-40 days, without me having to investigate the filesystem. Yes, I am lazy :))

thank you for the reply. next time i'm in boston, i promise to drop a case of Tanglefoot Ale http://www.tanglefoot.co.uk/ into the FSF offices as a "thank you".

PS (lack of tanglefoot, it'll be sammy adams honey wheat :D )



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