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Re: Not sure how to best reply re: dir_colors situation

From: Kamil Dudka
Subject: Re: Not sure how to best reply re: dir_colors situation
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 09:42:10 +0200
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On Saturday 06 of June 2009 06:13:04 Joshua Rodman wrote:
> Buh buh buh -- the recommended sed does not work.

Thanks for pointing this out. Which recommendation did you follow? The one
in the NEWS file? Did you try exactly this?

$ 'eval `dircolors | sed s/hl=[^:]*:/hl=:/`

Which shell are you using?

> address@hidden:~/rc/bash >dircolors ~/rc/dir_colors |grep hl # no hl

Yes, because your file ~/rc/dir_colors does not contain any color definition 
for hard link. Try to add the following line to that file, it should solve 
your problem:


> present address@hidden:~/rc/bash >dircolors ~/rc/dir_colors |sed
> s/hl=[^:]*:/hl=:/

Then you actually no more need sed, next command should be sufficient:

$ eval `dircolors ~/rc/dir_colors`

> I'm unclear whether dir_colors will sometimes spit out an hl value.
> Having a colorization occur that isn't even in LS_COLORS is unfortunate.

I think we should improve documentation a bit. It is not only about hard 
links. Some people may also want to disable file capabilities highlighting, 
etc. Pádraig, what do you think?


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