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Re: [PATCH] Rebasing on Padraig's gnulib fallocate module and cleaning u

From: Eric Sandeen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Rebasing on Padraig's gnulib fallocate module and cleaning up
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 23:38:34 -0500
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Pádraig Brady wrote:


> On a related note it looks like fallocate64() which is required
> on 32 bit systems will not be supported in glibc-2.10 as it
> was released as a glibc-2.11 symbol. That means that 32 bit `cp`
> built on glibc-2.10 will not allocate extents for a file,
> and likewise 32 bit `truncate --allocate` will resort to writing
> zeros when built on glibc-2.10.

Sorry for ignoring this thread and then chiming in late... but at least
for myself, "truncate --allocate" is a bit confusing.   At least in the
filesystem world, truncating and allocating are pretty much orthogonal,
so making a tool called "truncate" which has an "allocate" mode is a bit
odd to me.  It'd be kind of like having a "ls --du" command option.

I'd personally rather see a separate, dedicated fallocate tool ... but
maybe that's just me.  You might run it by the fsdevel-list, or maybe
I've bike-shedded enough already.  :)


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