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Re: Update Manager and Core Utils

From: Jan-Pawel Wrozstinski
Subject: Re: Update Manager and Core Utils
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 23:53:53 -0700
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   Eric Blake wrote:

To make this clearer, the latest version of tail --help outputs this
instead (which means you may want to upgrade; coreutils is now at 8.0):

  -n, --lines=K            output the last K lines, instead of the last 10;
                           or use +K to output lines starting with the Kth

   Jan-Pawel Wrozstinski wrote:

   Eric Blake wrote:

Hash: SHA1

According to Jan-Pawel Wrozstinski on 10/12/2009 2:11 AM:

. . . . . . If I may, I'd like to recommend

   having it read:

or use "-n +K" to ...

Good point.  Jim, what about this patch for tail?

   You're welcome.


And ...  how do I go about making sure I have the latest "tail" (and the
other core utilities) installed?  Update Manager doesn't seem to notice...

Report that to your distro.  Meanwhile, you can build from the upstream
sources by hand, rather than waiting for your distro to pre-package a
newer coreutils. 

   I'm not really looking to get involved in building or programming Ubuntu;
   I simply want to use it as an aid in pursuit of other goals.

   I don't know who "my distro" is (or really what that means), and I'm not
   even sure what you mean I should report.

   There seem to be some nice tools for automatically updating some parts.
   Is there something that will automate the check for updates of the core
   utilities? Apparently the ones that came with the installation I used are
   already outdated -- what can I use to get them caught up? And will that
   also pick up when Jim makes the change?

   Oh! I'm just now guessing you mean I should report the fact that Update
   Manager doesn't update the Core Utils. I suppose that implies that Update
   Manager is the "something" I'm asking for that's supposed to do that.

   If it doesn't, then that would be a bug, but, again, I find it hard to
   that something that obvious wouldn't have been noticed long ago. Maybe
   I missed a step in configuring something?


   I did a little more digging and found that coreutils (is? are?) supported by
   the Synaptic Package Manager.  It reports the current version as matching
   the latest version, viz:  6.10-6ubuntu1

   I ran a reinstallation anyway; no change.  tail --help still shows what I
   wrote before, and tail --version shows 6.10

   I'm  kind  of  new to this neighborhood; I need a little guidance.  If
   coreutils is supposed to be at version 8 but is actually only at 6 and not
   getting upgraded, to whom should this be reported?  (And would it be naíve
   of me to think no-one has noticed it before and I should be the one to
   report it?)

   Thanks in advance for your advice...

   Jan-Pawel Wrozstinski <address@hidden>


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