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Feature request for md5sum

From: Scott Nichol
Subject: Feature request for md5sum
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 12:55:34 -0500

I use md5sum a lot, often on network-filesystem-accessed files so that 
readers can be sure they are reading files after writers have completed. 
The performance of md5sum is generally acceptable, but for large 
(gigabyte+) files even on a fast (1 Gbps) LAN, the performance would be 
considerably better if I could specify on the command line a buffer size 
to use.  I imagine the md5sum code using this value in a setvbuf call. 
I use this technique (setting larger buffer sizes for network-accessed 
files) frequently and know md5sum and other utilities would benefit from 

Scott Nichol 

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