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chmod directory mode extention

From: seaking1
Subject: chmod directory mode extention
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 19:26:22 -0500


  I would like to suggest and offer the code to extend chmod in a small
way.  My extension merely allows for a different mode to be applied to
directories than the one applied to all other files.  I have looked for this
utility but never found it and being such a useful addition though it may be
possible to add it to the standard release.

  What it does: Add an option -d|--dirmode to chmod that will give all
directories in the files chmod is told to change the mode specified by the
-d argument instead of the other mode.
  Reason: I have found this to be a necessity.  Say for example I have a
directory structure filled with data files of some sort and they are of
assorted permissions; If I chmod -R 664 foo/ or something to that effect It
will of course give all the permissions 664 including directories hence
making them inaccessible.  With this is could run chmod -R -d 775 644 foo/
and give the directories the permissions 775.


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