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bug#8766: Bug in sha1sum?

From: Alan Curry
Subject: bug#8766: Bug in sha1sum?
Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 18:03:21 -0500 (GMT+5)

Theo Band writes:
> Hi
> I'm not sure, but I think I found a bug in sha1sum. It's easy to
> reproduce with any file that contains a backslash (\) in the name:
> echo test > test
> $ sha1sum test
> 4e1243bd22c66e76c2ba9eddc1f91394e57f9f83  test
> $ mv test 'test\test'
> $ sha1sum 'test\test'
> \4e1243bd22c66e76c2ba9eddc1f91394e57f9f83  test\\test
> I expect the file sha1sum to be the same after renaming the file (a
> backslash is prepended to the otherwise correct result).

This result violated my expectations too, but it turns out to be a documented

     For each FILE, `md5sum' outputs the MD5 checksum, a flag indicating
  a binary or text input file, and the file name.  If FILE contains a
  backslash or newline, the line is started with a backslash, and each
  problematic character in the file name is escaped with a backslash,
  making the output unambiguous even in the presence of arbitrary file
  names.  If FILE is omitted or specified as `-', standard input is read.

(the sha*sum utilities all refer back to md5sum's description)

I better go fix all my scripts that rely on /^[0-9a-f]{32} /

Alan Curry

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