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bug#11184: [lfs-dev] uname -i, -p show 'unknown' after update to coreuti

From: Matthew Burgess
Subject: bug#11184: [lfs-dev] uname -i, -p show 'unknown' after update to coreutils-8.16
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 2:34:40 -0600
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That's because we (LFS) dropped the uname patch from
our build instructions because upstream won't take
it in its current form.  If my understanding is
correct, the correct way of implementing this feature
is by a combination of changes in the kernel & Glibc.

I don't have the skill necessary to do that, and
by virtue of the fact that these uname patches have
been floating around for so many years, nobody with
the skill has the inclination to fix this.

Is this causing you any issues other than purely
cosmetic ones?



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