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bug#13738: Add --all option to 'users' command

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: bug#13738: Add --all option to 'users' command
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 23:30:08 -0700
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tags 13738 wontfix
close 13738

(triaging old bugs)


On 2013-02-18 2:01 p.m., Bob Proulx wrote:
anatoly techtonik wrote:
Bob Proulx wrote:
anatoly techtonik wrote:
The 'users' command shows users who are currently online. It will be nice
to have --all option to show all users.

Do you mean the equivelent to this?

   $ getent passwd | awk -F: '{print$1}'

Solving the problem in general gets messy very quickly.  It is
therefore one of those that is better solved locally by providing the
tools needed to do what is needed on a case by case basis.  So far
after forty years of Unix and GNU systems this hasn't been needed and
therefore the use cases must be unusual.  The philosophy isn't to
solve all problems but just to make all problems solvable.

It would help if you could say a few words about the case in
which this would be helpful?

With no further comments in almost 6 years,
and this item already listed under our "rejected requests" page,
I'm closing this as "won't fix".

 - assaf

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