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bug#34199: Small bug in cp (for win64)

From: Chris Kalish
Subject: bug#34199: Small bug in cp (for win64)
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 12:14:42 -0500

Hi, guys ... I use cp to backup source systems to an external drive.  It
works great (and the --update=number function is a key differentiator).
However, I noticed that (for NTFS file  systems) long directory names
(\abc\def\ghi\jkl\mno\pqrstuvwxyz\blahblah\longlonglongdirectorystring) are
not supported (they throw "no such file or directory errors").  I assume
you're making an assumption on a max static var size (i.e.,
szDirectory[100]) ... can you either up that allocation or malloc() the
memory to the input string?  I believe the NTFS fully-cascading filename
limit is 32,000 characters.

(actual example):

*cp: cannot create regular file
No such file or directory*

It will copy if I subst the directory name into a virtual drive letter, but
that is not a reasonable solution to recusing my entire drive.



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