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Re: proposed enhancement: better logmsg formatting

From: Russ Tremain
Subject: Re: proposed enhancement: better logmsg formatting
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 20:36:38 -0700

Hi Greg -

I'm interested in trying out your patch, and
have been working in a similar area. I have added a "d"
format specifier that will include the revision number of
the "dead" revision when a file is deleted.  (We need this
to get the rcs log message for the deleted file so we
can scan the message for a numerical identifier to hook
it to an external "commit notice" facility.)

I'm particularly interested in your "t" specifier, as I was
thinking along similar lines.  One question - will {t} retrieve
the cvs branch name?  Or will it only retrieve a tag associated
with the specific revision that was committed?

I would like a format specifier that finds the branch tag
for a commited file... I was thinking about using "b".

Thanks very much for sharing your work.



>From: Greg Klanderman 
>Subject: proposed enhancement: better logmsg formatting 
>Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 18:21:49 -0800 
>       The attached patch creates an alternate logmsg format containing 
>       more useful information in an easier to read format, enabled by 
>       the LogMsgFancy=yes option (default is old format):
>       > Modified Files:
>       >       cat-5.lsp            1.66  1.67  +13 -10
>       >       cat-6.lsp            1.44  1.45  +10 -9 
>       >       cat-7.lsp            1.42  1.43  +10 -9 
>       >       stringing-logic.lsp  1.49  1.50  +2  -1 
>       > Log Message:
>       > ......
>       It also adds a new "t" format specifier for the logmsg script 
> invocation,
>       expanding to the file's tag.
>       If you are interested in this feature, let me know if you require any
>       modifications for inclusion.  I find it useful to know how extensive
>       the changes being committed to our codebase are, and expect to write
>       an emacs hook to enable clicking on the message from my mail buffer
>       for the diff.
>       I grant permission to distribute this patch under the terms of the GNU
>       Public License.
>       Greg

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