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possible CVS bug with update -j in 1.11

From: Mike Calmus
Subject: possible CVS bug with update -j in 1.11
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 14:37:24 -0400

If a file is added initially to the main CVS tree, everything works fine. If a file is added initially to a maintenance branch, however and the file is later merged into the main line using "update -j" and committed to the head, subsequent attempts to to run "update -j" will fail with the error "filename exists, but has been added in revision branchname". Also, when a directory is set to a particular branch, there is no way to easily add a file to any other branch. I propose any or all of the following:
1) Make CVS smart enough to allow files added in a branch to be merged multiple times
2) Make any additions in the branch automatically create an active (rather than dead) copy in the head.
3) Add flags to the add command to allow the specification of branches (including the mainline) to which to add the file.
Mike Calmus

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