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FW: null character problem with cvs

From: Alberto Gobbi
Subject: FW: null character problem with cvs
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 09:22:46 -0700

thanks for the answer. I can reproduce the problem and I would be willing to
dig some more into it to try to solve it. I do not have an development
enviroment installed on Windows so that would be the problem. Would it be an
option to send me binaries with debug output?


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Subject: FW: null character problem with cvs

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Alberto Gobbi writes:
> I do not think that in this case ms is the bad guy. Since it does work if
> turn of the crlf conversion. Also with this kind of bug even ms could not
> survive.

It's hard to see how it could be anthing else but MS.  As far as CVS is
concerned, the only difference between text and binary is whether we
fopen the file with mode "w" or "wb"; after that, everything is exactly
the same in either case.  It almost has to be in the CRTL or somewhere
in the OS, and it's probably a subtle interaction of some kind that only
shows up when a very particular set of circumstances happen.  If you can
reliably reproduce the problem, you're in an ideal position to track it
down.  Whether you have the tools and knowledge to do so, however, I
don't know.

-Larry Jones

When I want an editorial, I'll ASK for it! -- Calvin

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