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Re: "cvs server" accepts but ignored --allow-root

From: Tim Riker
Subject: Re: "cvs server" accepts but ignored --allow-root
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 01:58:01 -0700
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Not sure how to do a test for this. src/sanity.sh does one rsh test, but I don't think you can alter the command it runs on the other end? I believe it does "cvs server" and I need it to do "cvs server --allow-root ${CVSROOT_DIRNAME}" which should work. Anything else like "cvs server --allow-root ${CVSROOT_DIRNAME}/foo" should get an error when the client tries to choose a different path.

The current state is that "cvs server --allow-root ${CVSROOT_DIRNAME}/foo" _will_ allow setting the dirname to anything and will completely ignore the --allow-root without a warning or error message.

CVS_SERVER cannot contain arguments, correct? I suppose you could create a script like:

exec cvs --allow-root /path/from/cvsroot_dirname $*

and then put the scriptname in CVS_SERVER?

Testing over rsh should work, but is kind of silly. I suppose an admin might provide a cvs wrapper as above and hide the real cvs binary. This really is used with ssh authorized_keys as explained in the original message.

Derek Robert Price wrote:> Tim Riker wrote:

patch attached to enable handling --allow-server for "cvs server" use. It's against 1.11.1p1 as I added it to server running the older release, but it's trivial, so applying to 1.11.2 would be easy.

Could you resubmit this patch with a test case and possibly documentation, as per the HACKING file in the top level of the source distribution?



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