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Re: PAM support lacks pam_setcred() call

From: Marc Singer
Subject: Re: PAM support lacks pam_setcred() call
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 16:57:21 -0800
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On Mon, Oct 27, 2003 at 11:43:40PM +0100, Brian Murphy wrote:
> Brian Murphy wrote:
> >Marc Singer wrote:
> >
> >>CVSs PAM support does not make the pam_setcred() call.  The
> >>pam_group.so module uses this call to add UNIX groups to the user's
> >>
> >Do you have an example of how you want to use the pam_group module? A 
> >configuration file
> >for example and what you expect it to do.
> >
> >>process privileges.  In addition, the pam_setcred() call requires
> >>PAM_TTY to be set.
> >> 
> >>
> >What should PAM_TTY be set to? I can't really see that there is a 
> >sensible value.
> >
> >/Brian
> >
> >
> I figured it out: have a look at the attached patch against the current 
> HEAD - it's not finished
> but see if it does what you want.

In looking at the patch, I wonder if there is a conflict with
switch_to_user call.  I wonder this, because my debugging uncovered
that once I got pam_group to work, the switch_to_user() call overwrote


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