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data display cannot be left-to-right at startup

From: Wen-Liang Lee
Subject: data display cannot be left-to-right at startup
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 13:42:04 +0800 (CST)


I'd like to report a bug about data display placement.
I set data placement "left to right" under Preferences->data and SAVE it.
However, the next time I run ddd, it still uses "top to bottom" style.
If I open Preferences->data, the toggle button does show "left to right".
I have to click "top to bottom" and then click back to "left to right" and
press OK. From now on, it uses "left to right" style.

I think there's a bug at startup.
Maybe the code forget to read this setting or forget to set this value
to the corresponding widget at startup. (notify fails?)

I believe this is a minor bug and can be fixed in several lines.
Could you tell me which lines in which files I need to fix so I can
fix on my own without waiting your offical fix?
I love "left to right" feature a lot!


Vincent Lee.

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