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Investors - Newsletter.. read and win 32ww

From: Harlan Key
Subject: Investors - Newsletter.. read and win 32ww
Date: Sun, 07 May 2006 15:22:44 -0600

High-tech Investment Review

Nanotechnology stocks continue to perform at 
superstar levels.  We have carefully sifted 
through these cutting edge companies to bring 
you this special winner.

Company: Nano Superlattice Technology, Inc. 
Symbol: NSLT   
Current Price: around $2.50     
Short Term Target Price: $6.90

More about the company: 

Nano Superlattice Technology Inc. is a 
nanotechnology company engaged in the coating 
of precision tools and components with nano 
structured coatings for high-tech industries.

With the rapid move towards miniaturization, 
the tools being used to create high-tech goods 
are being pushed to their limits.  Nano is a 
company which has come in to provide the 
solution needed to meet the demands of our 
economy and take us into the future.

For more information about this exciting 
company just do a search on Nano Supperlattice

A huge promotional campaign has just begun.  
Some big news already out with more on the way 
this week and next.  

Watch this one go higher and higher all week!

This mailing was sent out by a third party 
which is in no way affiliated with Nano 
superlattice Technology.  Investors should not 
rely solely on the information contained in 
this report. Rather, investors should use the 
information as a starting point for doing 
additional independent research on the 
featured company.

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