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full house

From: Ninon Durham
Subject: full house
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 12:34:37 -0400

Aword from Monsieur Hanaud and a way would open. And an acquaintance, a friend - for Jean Cladel lets him in andlocks the door behind him. But at that point Frobishers conjectures halted. Development followed too logically upon development. A couple of sergents - de - ville stood in front ofthe door. The tablet looked as if it had been picked up from the road likeMonsieur Bexs famous match - box. Therewas no gleam of a knife, or a pistol, anywhere against the darkbackground of the carpet. It seemed that to Hanaud this was the mostextraordinary feature of the whole business. I shall go to the Prefecture, said Hanaud. He clacked histongue against the roof of his mouth. I dont want to show a light here yet with thatwindow open. No one is going to do you any harm, Hanaud continued, raising his voiceimpatiently. For the house was as silent as what, indeed, itis - a grave. Aword from Monsieur Hanaud and a way would open. Before the first of these breaks in the wall Hanaud stopped. He rose to his feet and walked once or twice across the room. What in the world has this to do with the affair? This is that Monsieur Frobisher, he said. And step bystep he told the story as he read it, testing it by speaking it aloud. I think there is someone against the wall who is honouring uswith his attention. What Jim saw was a thin, small, barbed iron dart, with an iron stem. Thats where the knife was wiped clean, said Hanaud. Most certainly we willgive our attention to the shutters and the window - sill. But that promise I make now with my whole heart, said Hanaudwarmly, and with a bow he moved away. Tomake a solution of that poison paste is not an offence. I shall go to the Prefecture, said Hanaud. Hanaud put his fingers to his mouth, and whistled softly. Then his manner, of burlesque dropped from him. I think it will be found that this murder was committed ina way peculiar to one man. Somehow it had leaked out that, since this morning, Hanaud knewof Jean Cladel. Will you fetch the Commissaireof the district and a doctor? Monsieur Bex could not but haverevelled in the correctness of their deportment. A couple of sergents - de - ville stood in front ofthe door. I want you- how shall I put it so that I may persuade you? Nicolas, I want you to wait here, said Hanaud. She gasped as she looked at it,and then she read it again.

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