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From: Meggy Walls
Subject: compartment
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 00:21:30 -0400

But Lucy did not really look at Edd until Mrs. Herresponse was impulsive, loving, complete, with never a word of reproach.
The next dance was thering-around, which Lucy refused to enter, remaining beside Mrs. Your popularity will make enemies amongthe girls and fights among the boys. My folks allreckon youre havin the wonderfulest time.
For Buds been lookin powerful hard for me. Felix will be no place for me, after they find out. Soon the floor was half full of wheeling, gliding couples, with morefalling in line every moment. She barely managed to hang on until theyreached home. Lucy was informed that the music had arrived.
There wasnt a crack in that shedanywheres.
Ma says youre goin tostay among us people for years. Im having my sister Clara come out to live with me,she announced.
An you can have this dance with anyone you want. Whatever she felt toward Edd Denmeade,she could not extend to these simple, impulsive people.
Reckon I wouldnt be in Sam Johnsons boots for alot. I am not joking, he continued more earnestly. No, Im bound to confess that he handled me as if I were a boy or an oldsack, replied Lucy honestly.
He just hatched that up after you wouldnt give him theother dance.
Perhaps I had better not go in yet, returned Lucy.
Her home life had inured her to sacrifice.
To think after scorning yourlove and advice Id come crawling on my knees to you. She led him across the open clearing and along a new-cut path into thewoods.
Denmeade approaching with friends, was unable tocontinue discussing the situation with Mr.
Jenks and later withEdd, she realised she had jeopardised her welfare work. It wouldbe welfare work of the noblest kind.
But you wassweet on Bud, an youve shore turned Sam Johnsons head.

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