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My darling friend...

From: Ferreyra Maricell
Subject: My darling friend...
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 08:29:48 +0000

Hey, how are You?
Do You know that soon is Xmas? ;-)

Yeah right!

And we KNOW, that this thing will help you to be

the BEST OF THE BEST this night.

Don't loose this chance and try it at http://www.ntation.com


And see You later ;-)

dsfskf sdfdsf wefrwef
prisoner's head vanish  and  another appear in  its place,  bald and crowned
with a spiked golden diadem. The skin  of the forehead was split by a round,
livid  scar  smeared  with  ointment.  A  sunken,  toothless  mouth  with  a
capricious, pendulous lower  lip.  Pilate had  the  sensation  that the pink
columns of his balcony  and the roofscape of Jerusalem below and  beyond the
garden had all vanished, drowned in the thick foliage of cypress groves. His
hearing, too,  was  strangely  affected--there  was a  sound  as of  distant
trumpets,  muted and threatening, and  a nasal voice could clearly be  heard
arrogantly intoning the words: ' The law pertaining to high treason . . .'
    Strange, rapid, disconnected thoughts passed through his mind. '  Dead!

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