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Re: [Bug-ddrescue] I screwed up my gf's PC... please advice

From: Ian Oliver
Subject: Re: [Bug-ddrescue] I screwed up my gf's PC... please advice
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 11:42:44 GMT

In article <address@hidden>, 
Thodoris Charalabidis wrote:
> After 30 minutes it boots in windows. I browse the 2nd partition. No
> problem. I could see all the directories. But I then saw that partition D
> (the /dev/sda2) was not 90 GB but 17 GB. And that 80% of all the PHOTOS she
> had from our trips and holidays was 0 kb, and I could not open them.
> Can you please advice me what to do in order to recover our photos (and
> maybe the rest of the files) and get the capacity of the partition back ???

Using photodisk to recover whatever data you can is a good idea.

But AFTER THIS you might be able to get the whole partition back by using a 
sector editor. The NTFS Volume Boot Record is in the first sector of the 
partition. You have over-written this with the VBR of the 1st partition. 
Fortunately, NTFS stores a copy of the VBR in the very last sector of the 
partition. So, if you use a disk sector editor you can go to the 
partition/logical-volume in question, grab the last sector of the partition, 
and then write this over the first sector of THE SAME partition.

I used RoadKil's sector editor but MS have these instructions -

Personally, I think that using Roadkil's editor to just manipulate the 
logical volume in question is easier and safer.


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