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Possible bug w/ argument parsing

From: Nickolas Wanke
Subject: Possible bug w/ argument parsing
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 22:49:59 +1100


Just emailing to let you know of a problem i've encountered in the argument 
parsing algorithms of quite a few of the gnu fileutils on a linux system.

If you specify a file / directory name starting with a dash, even if it is 
within quotes, the parsing algorithm will assume it is an argument option, and
issue an invalid option message.

I am assuming this is a bug and not by design, based on my experiences based on 
this problem -- when I found a file simply called "-o"
on my drive, I could not get rid of it with any of the gnu file utilities, so I 
just had to write my own program which unlink()'d it..

Anyway, I hope that helps, anymore info required and i'll be glad to be of 

Nickolas Wanke

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