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Re: ls command error

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: ls command error
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 23:23:19 -0700

> Everytime I use ls it changes the color of the text which is quite
> annoying. To avoid it I have to use ls --color=never all the time.
> I also tried to set the colors in my profile to not change but didn't
> help.

Thanks for your report but somehow I don't think this is a problem
with ls.  It is quite likely that you are using a version of GNU ls
bundled by a commercial vendor where the vendor set you up with an
alias for ls by default.  Do this command:

  type ls
  ls is aliased to `ls --color=tty'

If it comes back as the above then your vendor did it to you.  Remove
the files /etc/profile.d/colorls.* and submit a bug report to your
vendor that they should not set that as a default.

If that is not the problem then verify that you are not getting color
options to ls by other methods.  Just try invoking ls directly, as in
the following, /bin/ls or /usr/bin/ls.  That will avoid aliases,
shells scripts, etc.


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