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Re: ls -color on dumb terminals

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: ls -color on dumb terminals
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 00:00:40 -0700
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Kolyan wrote:
> This problem stays more than two years (There is bugreport in 2001 in
> bug-fileutils).

Could you be more specific please?  I could not locate anything

> How long will you disappoint users with functionality,
> declared in /etc/DIR_COLORS?

Excuse me?  /etc/DIR_COLORS?  GNU fileutils does not include any file

  ls -l /etc/DIR_COLORS
  ls: /etc/DIR_COLORS: No such file or directory

> User can't choose, which terminals are color, which are not.
> Even in dumb terminal, which doesn't support color seqeuences user get
> [0mfile_nam[0fd [0mfile_nam[0fd [0mfile_nam[0fd [0mfile_nam[0fd
> with "ls --color". But this command is alias to ls in most systems.
> Developers must do somthing with this situation. At least, use three lines
> to determine, has terminal bold mode or not.

GNU fileutils does not include any user aliases.  User aliases are by
definition a user defined configuration.  If you don't want any
aliases then don't define any.  It is your choice.

I believe you must be having a problem with some particular
distribution of the GNU project software.  It sounds as if a vendor is
distributing the software and has "helped", and I use that term with
sarcasm here, helped you out by including aliases for you on your
system.  If so then I recommend you file a bug report with your
vendor.  That is not an appropriate configuration.

Until your vendor fixes the problem I recommend that you add unalias
commands to undo the breakage to your $HOME/.profile environment file.
This will work around the problem.

  unalias ls

I personally am using the Debian GNU/Linux distribution of software
and am not seeing any strange problems such as you are reporting.


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