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Re: Help GDB & Watchdog...

From: V. Rajesh
Subject: Re: Help GDB & Watchdog...
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 19:10:34 -0500

Thank you very much for replying to my query.

I am using gdb as a software based fault injection
tool. I execute the program till a fault injection
point (breakpoint); inject a fault, ex. corrupting 
a loop variable; then continue executing the program. 
I experiment whether such faults result in segment 
violation, assertion failure, etc. 

Somtimes, when I inject a fault, the program may
go into an infinite loop. In that case, I want to
stop the program automatically.

The CTRL+C solution will not allow batchmode opertion
of gbd; and setting software breakpoints will require
modifying the original software. It would be great
if I can avoid changing the original software and
run gbd in batchmode. 

Setting watchdog timers seems to be a suitable solution. 
But, it doesn't seem to work, i.e., setting watchdog 
timer to 3, doesn't send a signal and stop the program
after 3 seconds.

Thank you very much for help.


> I just press CTRL+C to temporarily stop the GDB if I suspect that my
> program has gone into infinite loop.  If it hasn't, I just continue it
> with the `continue' command.  Sometimes I also insert software
> breakpoint instructions to the code to make the GDB stop whenever the
> program is doing something I do not want it to do.
> Why would you want to stop the program automatically on infinite loops? 
> Toni Ronkko

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