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Re: Problems with glibc-2.2.2 and threads (realtime signal)

From: bart . durinck
Subject: Re: Problems with glibc-2.2.2 and threads (realtime signal)
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 10:59:37 +0100


I think I found some info that might explain your problem. It could well be
that it's not GDB's fault, but some system libraries being stripped.

Mandrake Linux 7.2 is known to have this problem. Bug-report 1763 "GDB
cannot debug programs that use shared libraries or threads" explains (see
https://qa.mandrakesoft.com for more info). If /lib/libpthread.so
(belonging to the glibc package) is stripped, GDB cannot hook into thread
events, and you get spurious real-time SIG32 events. Rings a bell, doesn't

Use 'file /lib/libpthread*' to check. If it mentions 'stripped', you have
this problem.

Solving it, is probably tricky... Messing with glibc... What distro are you
using? According to the changelog of glibc-2.2.2 for  Mandrake Cooker
(which will be Mandrake 8.0 soon), these problems are fixed since Feb 21.

Good luck!


German Gomez Garcia <address@hidden> on 03/08/2001 06:20:51 PM

To:   address@hidden

Subject:  Re[2]: Problems with glibc-2.2.2 and threads (realtime signal)

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001 17:40:02 +0100 address@hidden wrote:

> Hi!
> In my experience this is a known feature. It is gdb's (4.18 and 5.0)
> default setting to intercept this SIG 32 RealTime signal. glibc (since
> 2.1.2 or 2.1.3) uses this signal for threading, so that explains what is
> happening.
> You can work-arond this by using the 'handle' command.
> Do:
> (gdb) handle SIG32 nostop
> (gdb) handle SIG32 noprint
> This will probably result in the behaviour you're looking for.
> (gdb) help handle
> This will explain in a bit more detail.

        Thank you very much, this almost fix it, the only problem is that,
I get no info on threads (info threads doesn't work), but that is better
than nothing ... I hope the next version of gdb will fully suport RealTime


        - german

German Gomez Garcia         | "This isn't right.  This isn't even wrong."
<address@hidden>         |                         -- Wolfgang Pauli

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