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Dwarf2 bug?

From: Tim Combs
Subject: Dwarf2 bug?
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 17:47:41 -0500
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Working with the Arm ADS 1.1 compiler, I noticed a problem with
typedefs and gdb 5.0.  The setup would be:

   In a header file
  typedef INT32 int;

  include "foo.h"
  typedef RETCODE INT32;

   include "foo2.h"
   RETCODE = foobar(void);

   include "foo2.h"
   RETCODE = foobar();   

The relevant sections of the dwarf2 dump looks like this:

** Section #5 '.debug_info' (SHT_PROGBITS)
    Size   : 684 bytes

    size 0x44 bytes, dwarf version 2, abbrevp 0x0, address size 4
  00000b: 11  = 0x11 (DW_TAG_compile_unit)
  00000c:   DW_AT_name foo.c
  000012:   DW_AT_producer Thumb C Compiler, ADS1.1 [Build 712]
  000037:   DW_AT_language 0x1
  000038:   DW_AT_macro_info 0x0
  00003c:   DW_AT_stmt_list 0x0
  000040:   4  = 0x24 (DW_TAG_base_type)
  000041:     DW_AT_byte_size 0x4
  000042:     DW_AT_encoding DW_ATE_signed
  000043:     DW_AT_name int
  000047:   0  null
    size 0x48 bytes, dwarf version 2, abbrevp 0x0, address size 4
  000053: 8  = 0x11 (DW_TAG_compile_unit)
  000054:   DW_AT_name foo.h
  00005a:   DW_AT_producer Thumb C Compiler, ADS1.1 [Build 712]
  00007f:   DW_AT_language 0x1
  000080:   4  = 0x24 (DW_TAG_base_type)
  000081:     DW_AT_byte_size 0x4
  000082:     DW_AT_encoding DW_ATE_signed
  000083:     DW_AT_name int
  000087:   56  = 0x16 (DW_TAG_typedef)
  000088:     DW_AT_name INT32
  00008e:     DW_AT_type indirect DW_FORM_ref_udata 0x38 (0x80)
  000090:   0  null
  000091: 0  padding
  000092: 0  padding
  000093: 0  padding
    size 0x4c bytes, dwarf version 2, abbrevp 0x0, address size 4
  00009f: 11  = 0x11 (DW_TAG_compile_unit)
  0000a0:   DW_AT_name foo2.h
  0000a7:   DW_AT_producer Thumb C Compiler, ADS1.1 [Build 712]
  0000cc:   DW_AT_language 0x1
  0000cd:   DW_AT_macro_info 0x17c
  0000d1:   DW_AT_stmt_list 0xac
  0000d5:   56  = 0x16 (DW_TAG_typedef)
  0000d6:     DW_AT_name RETCODE
  0000de:     DW_AT_type indirect DW_FORM_ref_addr 0x87
  0000e3:   0  null

<snip> .... foo.c compilation unit missing

    size 0xa8 bytes, dwarf version 2, abbrevp 0x0, address size 4
  00020b: 5  = 0x11 (DW_TAG_compile_unit)
  00020c:   DW_AT_name foobar.c
  000215:   DW_AT_producer Thumb C Compiler, ADS1.1 [Build 712]
  00023a:   DW_AT_language 0x1
  00023b:   DW_AT_low_pc 0x138
  00023f:   DW_AT_high_pc 0x144
  000243:   DW_AT_stmt_list 0xdc
  000247:   35  = 0x2e (DW_TAG_subprogram)
  000248:     DW_AT_sibling 0xab (0x2ab)
  00024b:     DW_AT_decl_file 0x1
  00024c:     DW_AT_decl_line 0x4
  00024d:     DW_AT_decl_column 0x0
  00024e:     DW_AT_name foobar
  000255:     DW_AT_external 0x1
  000256:     DW_AT_type indirect DW_FORM_ref_addr 0xd5
  00025b:     DW_AT_low_pc 0x138
  00025f:     DW_AT_high_pc 0x144
<snip> -- rest doesn't matter.

To get the DW_AT_type of function foobar():
1. Read at offset 0xd5 DW_FORM_ref_addr  (that tells you to go )
2. Read at offset 0x87 DW_FORM_ref_udata (that tells you to go read
                                          offset of 0x38 of the compilation

The problem comes in when dwarf2_get_ref_die_offset() is called to figure
this out.  The offset that is added to the attribute is set to the original
compilation unit.  Since we have arrived by the "back door", we don't know
the compilation unit's offset:
    switch (attr->form)
    case DW_FORM_ref_addr:
      result = DW_ADDR (attr); 
    case DW_FORM_ref1: 
    case DW_FORM_ref2:
    case DW_FORM_ref4:
    case DW_FORM_ref8:
    case DW_FORM_ref_udata:
      result = cu_header_offset + DW_UNSND (attr);

All this to ask:
Is there a way to find the compilation unit from deep inside the die?

The only way I know to fix this is to walk through the partial symbol
table and look at the offset and length of each compilation unit. 
Then find a compilation unit that contains this offset.

Any other ideas?


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