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(no subject)

From: Romuald Gerema
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 02:08:07 -0000

>From : Romuald Gerema
Tel  : 00225-0597-1128
       Ivory Coast


It's my pleasure to write you after much consideration since I can not see
you face to face.

My name is Romuald the only son of (Late Chief Patrick Gerema)from the
Republic of Congo Iam 23 years old .

My father was a limited liability cocoa and Gold
merchant before his death, precisely a week after his return from Ivory
coast where he went to negotiate for a cocoa business.

He died with my mother in a ghastly motor accident, my
mother died  instantly but my father died four days later in a hospital,
But before he died, as if he knew He disclosed to me that he deposited the
of (USD15,000,000:00)fifteen million Dollar in a private security company
in Ivory coast, that the money was meant for the cocoa business he wanted
to establish in Abidjan.

Although according to my father he deposited the money
in the security company but decleared it was family valuables.

He gave me 
(1)deposit certificates
(2)Reciepts of payments 
(3)Agreement papers.
so that I can retrieve this funds from the security company.

I have arrived in Abidjan (Ivory coast) located the
security company, and comfirmed the items.

Now with most honest and confidentiality Iam
soliciting your assistance to move this funds out of the security company
and your help in investing it in your country in any lucrative business
which you would introduce me into over there .

As you can see this money is my hope in life so I want
to invest it wisely .

I await anxiously to hear from you so that we will
discuss the modalities of this transaction.contact me by mail or on this
number 00225-0597-1128

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