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From: James Solomon
Subject: compUSA
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 14:41:55 -0700

Dear Follow screwed tech,

After reading your letter about COMPUSA, I felt I should write you a letter of my own.

I started working at compusa in december of 98. I was hired as a Tech. They wanted to start me out at 8.25/hr, but after I pointed out the fact I had my A+ and my MCP in windows NT 4, they where GENEROUS to give me a .25 cent raise!!!

While working at the COMPUSA in California, I saw so many shift and store managers come and go it wasn't even funny. I never even bothered to learn there names after a while.

The KIDS they hired to staff that store KNEW NOTHING about computers or customer service. Every call that came into that store SOME HOW got sent back to the tech department. Don't get me wrong, these were challenging questions like "when do you open?", "Do you have this in stock?", "Is person X there?". I must have missed somewhere in the job application that I was not only suppose to fix EVERY DAMN THING THAT PLUGGED INTO A WALL OUTLET, but answer phones as well. forget the fact that I was the only Apple tech, and that we(The Tech department) would deliver and setup computers to anyone anywhere as long as they had bough an extra warranty. No kidding, I drove almost 65 miles ONE WAY to set up a computer and printer to a guy that lived in the hills above San diego. PLUS, I still had to make my numbers!! This store would do ANYTHING to meet its warranty numbers, INCLUDING selling computers at cost if customers would buy the gold or above warranties! from what I understand, this happened ALL the time.

Our so called "manager" was one of the BIGGEST (still is..he still works there) two-faced SOB I've ever worked for. He would tell you one thing, and the turn around and do another. Here's a few examples. My buddy got his A+ while working there. The store manager said he would give him a dollar raise. ok, good to go. After that, he went back and told the payroll department NOT to put it through!! We had a tech named Chris L, that worked there. He wasn't the fastest or best tech we had, but he sure was great with people and he really tried. He was told by Dave(the store manager) not to worry about his numbers. He was told to help at the front check in desk and he would be doing most of the D&I's. Well The manager had the gull to write him up later cause his numbers we're not high enough!!.

I Also Had to go into these sunday-worth-nothing-but-shit meetings. My god what a waste of time!! I also got docked an hour on my pay if I didn't take lunch, even if I worked straight though. This happened ALL THE TIME. Overtime would also not make it on to the paychecks.

We had stock persons that would THROW monitors/ and other stock items around the store at night. They didn't care if things got broken, they would stock it anyway. The mangers we're told of this, said they KNEW it was going on, KNEW who was doing it, but never did anything about it.

Getting supplies and test software/hardware was also a pain. We had to use our own tools and software for crying out loud! Then they had the gull to accuses "someone" in the tech department for stealing!! Since we had to use our own stuff, we got damn near stripped search leaving the building every night!

Instead of cleaning up the store at night, we had managers open videogames from the sales floor, and load it on the display computers for the closing crew could play FPS games like quake 3!(true be told, I had fun doing that!)Then they would put the game(s) back on the sales floor.

After I quite Compusa, The manager told everyone he had fired me. Ya right, his only apple tech.I NEVER got a write up, EVERYONE of my reviews where great, my numbers averaged 20-25 touches A DAY, and I was (at the time I left)the 2nd highest paid tech in the REGION of southern california(I was averaging a .25 to .50 cent raise A MONTH)! Some months after I left, I found out he was still using my apple cert numbers to repair Apples under warranty. I called apple over that one =-)

I also know of another tech who has not worked there since december of 2001, but he's still on their books for they can use all his HP and compaq certs numbers. He can still buy parts at cost cause of this little under the table deal he has going on.

Customer service was the worst at that store also. We would have a store full of people, and 3 people on the floor. The techs got SO tired of being stopped when we went on the floor to grab a part, we started not wearing our compusa shirts.

There's more, but I'm sure you get the picture. I just thought I'd write and let you know you were not alone in your battle with the evil compusa stores. My regards!!

Hope you get what's yours,


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