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problem with large source files

From: Vollmer, Juergen
Subject: problem with large source files
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 09:56:24 +0200


I debugged a (generated) C-source file having 67735 lines. The problem
in line ~67600, but gdb showed me (with the list command) the line ~2400.
I looked in the symbol table (produced by maintprint symbol) and saw that
in the "Line table", after entry for line 65533 the entry for line 4

It seems to me that the line number is stored by gdb only as an unsigned 2
byte integer. (gcc showed error messages in that aera with the correct line

I use:
        gdb 5.1.1, configuread for a i386-suse-linux
        gcc 2.95.3 20010315 (SuSE)
        linux 2.4.18-4GB i686  
all taken from the SuSE 8.0 Intel-Linux distribution.

Please find enclosed a "large" file producing the bug. Basically it's a lot
of new lines followed by a "int i = 10/0;" one-line-main function.
With best regards
Jürgen Vollmer

Dr. Jürgen Vollmer <address@hidden>
c/o Dresdner Bank AG
IS-STA Software-Technologie und -Architektur für
Allianz Gruppe Deutschland
Application Development Architecture Services
Repository Management

D-60301 Frankfurt am Main
voice: (+49) 069 / 263 85 122
email: address@hidden

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