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comp usa

From: KDurquhart02
Subject: comp usa
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 14:11:05 EDT

 i once was told that Id have to buy a new 6ft cable that runs between the 
tower and the printer and it ws going to cost 50 bucks... well I didnt go for 
it and sought other people for their opinions...I had bought the printer a 
day earlier at costco since they were 20 bucks lower that comp usa but I 
thought i needed a new cable, since costco had none i went across the street 
to comp usa...a freckle faced guy told me I had to have it to run the printer 
and the one we have is 50 dollars ( same one at best buy was 9.99)  i asked 
him about it later and he said hed have to get his manager... well after 
about an hour i left never to go in to a comp usa store again.

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