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g77/gdb and multidimensional arrays

From: David Haynor
Subject: g77/gdb and multidimensional arrays
Date: 12 Jun 2002 05:56:30 GMT

hi netters,

i am having a problem using gdb to debug g77 code on linux.  i am able to
correctly access the members of one-dimensional arrays, but not of
multidimensional arrays.  i have seen some old references to this problem,
but thought it had been fixed.  i am running gcc 3.0.4 (g77 front end
0.5.26) and gdb 5.2;  i've gotten both from www.gnu.org and they are
almost the latest releases (gcc is up to 3.1).  does anyone have any 
suggestions on this?  please reply to me directly 
(address@hidden), as i do not always read this newsgroup.


-david haynor (address@hidden)
department of radiology
box 356004
university of washington
seattle, WA  98195

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