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Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 18:43:52 -0700

I am Mrs. Maryam Abacha, the widow of late Gen. Sanni Abacha former Nigerian
Military head of state who died 5 years ago mysteriously as a result
of cardiac arrest. Since his death, my family has been going through
hard times especially undue harassment by the Federal Government.

My late husband’s account and that of the family here and abroad has
been frozen by the Federal
Government for reasons that are rather vindictive. Our plight ever made
worse by the confiscation/seizure of our family landed properties and
investments here in Kano, Nigeria and those known abroad. Just recently,
Switzerland’s banking watchdog launched an inquiry into the Union Bank
of Switzerland UBS Zurich after the Swiss bank froze $60million (68.6
million euros) suspected of belonging to the family.It was discovered
that the account which has not been touched since August 1999 belongs
to two of sons.

One of the witch-hunting search light of the government beamed on another
account with a Swiss Bank which was also traced to the family had a sum
of US$1 billion in it which has since been released to the Federal Government
of Nigeria. Though the Federal Government discovered that this amount
was acquired by General Abacha prior to his assumption of office and
is considering returning $100 million to the family as compensation.

It is for this reasons that I need a trust worthy person to receive the
sum of US$20m in trunk boxes, which was deposited with a security company
on June 17th, 1998 after the death of her husband through the assistance
of the lawyer/Attorney. This money was part of the kickbacks given to
her late husband by his Arab friends for oil License that he generously
awarded them while in office.

After going through your profile believing you are worthy and credible
not minding the consequences but hoping that you understand the present
family predicament and need your consideration, I humbly appeal to you
on behalf of the entire family to assist us to move the money from it's
location into your country where we believe is safe, since she cannot
leave the country  for now due to the traveling ban placed on me and
the family.

I seek your investment partnership advice. Upon commencement of this
transaction, my lawyer shall prepare an investment agreement between
you and myself, which will be implemented once the transaction is concluded.
I need your cooperation and understanding, please. You can reach us through
the family lawyer Barrister Idris Musa (SAN) He shall brief you further
for the effective and logical movement of the money. You can equally
get in touch with him preferably via his email address: address@hidden

Please, furnish him with your Fax, Telephone and Mobile numbers for an
easier communication. 

For your anticipated corporation, I, the family and the lawyer have agreed
to give you 20% of the money for your assistance while 75% shall be invested
in trust for us until we arrive in your country as soon as all traveling
bans are lifted and freedom regained, while 5% has been mapped out for
any incidental expenses that may arise. Treat with confidant I plead.

Best regards 


address@hidden - email
(818) 823-5001 x3605 - voicemail/fax


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