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From: JOY
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 05:37:29


With all due Respect, to whom it may concern. My name is Joy Azikiwe the 
daughter of the late former President of Nigeria, Chief (Dr.) Nnamdi Azikiwe, 
who is a great politician, philantropist and an advocate of Mordern Democracy, 
who is very wealthy and rich in assets and investments. At his death, he willed 
all his belongings to his children, but my brothers would not allow me a share 
of my fathers properties. He gave my brothers, his Companies and Establisment 
to run and to take care of, then I was in the University in the United kingdom, 
and was 21 years old.

Before my father died, he told me a secret that nobody knows about. He bought a 
Land from somebody worth N100,000,000.00(US$10,000,000.00), and after the 
period of one year the seller of the Land came back demanding purchase of the 
said land (which was rich in oil) from my father. Unknown to my father that 
this  land  is  rich in crude oil, he re-sold it to the initial owner for the 
total value of S$50,000,000.00. And deposited this amount in a Finance and 
Security Company 

All I ask for, is your assistance in transferring this fund into your account.

Note that my Brothers are not aware of the present  situation, so you have to 
keep this a secret. Upon your acceptance, I will give you the necessary 
documents and the Contacts of the  Attorney who will direct you on what to do, 
so you can finalize with him

Thank you in anticipation.

Yours truly,

Joy Azikiwe

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