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Using gdbserver

From: Lakshmi Gopinath
Subject: Using gdbserver
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 15:18:17 +0530

Hello all,

I am working on remote debugging using gdb5.2 on linux
2.4.2-2 .

I have a host machine,which is having kernel 2.4.2-2  from
where I run
./gdb "filename"

My target machine is having kernel 2.4.17  and gdb5.2
I am only specifying the input commands.
Trying to use TCP connection.

host> gdb ./filename
target> gdbserver host:2345 ./filename args
host_gdb> target remote target:2345
host_gdb> b main
It inserts the break point successfully.
host_gdb>print argc
It prints the no. of arguments passed to the program
host_gdb >c

This setup is working perfectly fine.

But when I am using the machine having kernel 2.4.17
installed as host.
If my host is running with the kernel 2.4.17 and target is
running the kernel 2.4.2-2
then the following is happening.

host> gdb ./filename
target> gdbserver host:2345  ./filename args
host_gdb> target remote target:2345
host_gdb >b main
host_gdb=> received SIGILL .Illegal instruction

If I say
host_gdb> r
It  asks  for the current running program to terminate, (y
or n)
If I say "y" it will terminate the gdbserver program.

So I am not able to debug further. I am not even sure that
whether  gdb has loaded the symbol table of filename or not.

In short, the machine with kernel 2.4.2-2 is working
perfectly as a host as well as a target.
But other machines with other kernels are  working only as
targets and not as hosts.

Has somebody ever come across this problem.
I don't think that the kernel version should be a problem as
obviously 2.4.17 is the upgraded version.
But then I am not able to think of something else here.
If u can suggest me the solution to this problem I'll be
really greatful to u.

Lakshmi Gopinath
Video On Demand Software Team
National Semiconductor
India Design Center
Tel  : 91-80-5253351
E-mail  : address@hidden

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