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From: als_q
Subject: ǯuXX
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 16:26:03 -0400













tel: 02-27492314

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Subject: How would you like to start earning money for your family's education 
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Note: Your e-mail address was added to a database by you. I am sending my
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 Is this what you're looking for...

1.  DO: Want to work from home?
2.  DO: Want to build yourself an income you can be proud of?
3.  DO: Want to be able to tell your friends and family about what 
you're doing... instead of keeping it a secret so they don't laugh (I've been
there, I know)?
4.  DO: Want to be able to produce a copy of your check to anyoneinterested in 
this business?
5.  DO: Want to have A Monthly Income which can be passed on when your 
time is up?
6.  DO: Want to be in a team business which gives you the chance to 
help other people AND get paid for it?
7.  NOT: Want to be scammed?
8.  NOT: Want to spend all your time recruiting?
9.  NOT: Want to talk to people on the phone?
10. NOT: Wanting to be involved with a 'get rich quick' program?

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Join our TEAM and you will succeed!  We have the people, the knowledge and the
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I AM NOT going to hype you up with information trying to get you involved.
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The difference between this online business and an offline business is that
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They'll laugh at the question!

You DO NOT need...
1.  A small fortune to get started.
2.  A lot of "business knowledge" or "business contacts" to get started.
3.  To commute anywhere, talk to anyone or buy any items to get started.

Everyday hundreds of people join for free and get the free information they
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Do you have...

A.  An internet connection.
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C.  The ability to ask and receive all the help you need to succeed.
D.  The drive to succeed.
E.  The need for extra income each and every month.

Then YOU TOO can make MORE money for you and your family and you too 
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This is probably the only business in the world where you personally reap all
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Sincerely,  D. Wollyung


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