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gdb not connecting to Pose

From: Geert Vandeweghe
Subject: gdb not connecting to Pose
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 12:06:27 +0200


I need help for debugging under gdb.

Building a project for PalmOS under gcc with the debug flag (-g) set,
I'm unable to connect to POSE via the debugger gdb (target palmos

I use Winnt4.0 servicepack 6  with cygwin, POSE 3.5 and sdk-4

Under cygwin I build the project "hello.c" with following commands
$m68k-palmos-gcc -g hello.c -o hello
$m68k-palmos-obj-res hello
$build-prc hello.prc "Hello" WRLD *.hello.grc

starting POSE

loading project hello.prc to POSE

Starting debugger
$m68k-palmos-gdb hello <enter>
(gdb)target palmos localhost:2000

after time-out I recieve the error: "loacalhost:2000: Operation not


Geert Vandeweghe.

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