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[MTASieve:1kd1311x] Virus detect message notification

From: MTASieve
Subject: [MTASieve:1kd1311x] Virus detect message notification
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 05:43:51 -0600

This message was automatically created by Oceaneering's Houston 
based E-mail Virus Scanner.

You have sent an E-mail that contained an attachment with a virus.

This E-mail/file has been quarantined and has NOT reached the
intended recipient.

Please contact your local IT department for help in resolving this

Here are some details about the problem message:

FROM: address@hidden
TO : [No To Addresses]
CC : [No Cc Addresses]
BCC: address@hidden

Subject: Please try again

Attachment Name: Mime.822

reply via email to

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