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HK$12 p.s.f. for No. 9 Queen's Road Central

From: gavin . c . tjong
Subject: HK$12 p.s.f. for No. 9 Queen's Road Central
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 13:32:46

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Bank of America Tower
4,469 sq.ft. (Gross)
13 Manager Rooms, 1 Conference Room
Spectacular Sea View, Quality Wooden Finishes
HK$13 p.s.f. Effective

Baskerville House
2,337 sq.ft. (Gross)
1 Conference Room, 1 Meeting Room
Open Office with Stylish Decoration, Greenery View
HK$12 p.s.f. Effective

Entertainment Building
3,834 sq.ft. (Lettable)
1 Director Room, 4 Manager Rooms, 1 Board Room
Fitted & Furnished With Quality Wood Decoration, Harbour View
HK$17 p.s.f. Effective

1,472 sq.ft. (Lettable)
5 Manager Rooms, 1 Conference Room
Fully Fitted with Mahogany Finishes
Replacement Tenant Wanted

1,497 sq.ft. (Lettable)
1 Conference Room, 1 Meeting Room
Unobstructed Panoramic Sea View, Stylish Fittings
HK$25 p.s.f. Effective

Queen's Road Central No. 9
3,333 sq.ft. (Gross)
1 Director Room, 5 Manager Rooms
Fully Fitted and Furnished With Quality Wooden Fittings
HK$12 p.s.f. Effective

Ruttonjee Centre
1,794 sq.ft. (Lettable)
1 Director Room, 6 Manager Rooms, 1 Conference Room
Fully Fitted and Furnished, Replacement Tenant Wanted, Rental Subsidies Provided


Admiralty Centre Tower 1
5,950 sq.ft. (Gross)
3 Manager Rooms, 1 Board Room, Raised Floor
Floor-To-Ceiling Windows With Partial Sea View
HK$14 p.s.f. Effective

Admiralty Centre Tower 2
5,314 sq.ft. (Gross)
3 Director Rooms, 7 Manager Rooms, 3 Conference Rooms, 2 Meeting Rooms
Fully Fitted With Open Sea View, Bright & Airy
HK$10.80 p.s.f. Effective

Far East Finance Centre
10,800 sq.ft. (Gross)
1 Director Room; 5 Manager Rooms; 1 Conference Room; 1 Meeting Room
Sweeping Harbour View, Traditional Quality Fittings
HK$13 p.s.f. Effective

Lippo Centre
1,359 sq.ft. (Gross)
2 Manager Rooms, 1 Conference Room
Floor-To-Ceiling Windows, Sea View & Open City View
HK$14 p.s.f. Effective

Wan Chai

Convention Plaza Office Tower
3,720 sq.ft. (Gross)
1 Director Room, 3 Manager Rooms, 1 Conference Room, 1 Meeting Room
Quality Wooden Fittings & Fixtures, Move-In Condition
HK$11.50 p.s.f. Effective

Causeway Bay

World Trade Centre
6,800 sq.ft. (Gross)
1 Director Room, 10 Manager Rooms, 2 Conference Rooms, 1 Meeting Room
Fully Fitted In Good Condition, Professional Design
HK$12 p.s.f. Effective

Sino Plaza
2,582 sq.ft. (Gross)
2 Manager Rooms, 2 Meeting Rooms
Floor-To-Ceiling Windows with Spectacular Sea View
HK$12 p.s.f. Effective

Sheung Wan

The Center
2,065 sq.ft. (Gross)
1 Director Room, 1 Manager Room, 1 Conference Room
Fully Fitted with Curtain Walls, Open City View
HK$15 p.s.f. Effective

Kinwick Center
3,489 sq.ft. (Gross)
Nicely Furnished 8 Manager Rms, 1 Conference and Meeting Room
Floor-To-Ceiling Windows, Superb City View
HK$14 p.s.f. Effective

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Tel: (852) 2866 0130 Fax: (852) 2895 4860
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We emphasize that the above information is intended for our subscribers' reference only. They are neither property listings nor advertisement, but only market information prepared by the writer for the type of property for lease within the captioned buildings. Subscribers must satisfy themselves on the accuracy of the information and availability of properties within the captioned buildings, as some owners may wish to lease their properties but have not yet formally appointed agents to act on their behalf. Interested parties may instruct our Company to take follow up actions.

Whilst every care has been taken in preparing the information in this email message, no warranty is given or implied as to the accuracy of the contents, subscribers should satisfy themselves on all matters.


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