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Christmas Gift

From: Comics Paradise
Subject: Christmas Gift
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 12:14:18 +0800


Mother & Baby Teddy Bear

Genre : Teddy Bear, Soft Toy
Language : English

Two-way communication cause some surprise to people who meet them, but possibly because they speak perfect English, the mother and baby bears are quickly accepted by everyone. By just simply press a button on the bear's hand, baby bear will start communicate with mother bear, by requesting mother bear to tell a bed time story or sing a song together. The mother bear able to sense the silentness of the baby bear and start speaking after the baby bear stop talking and vice versa. Transmitter placing at the bear's foot allow mother and baby bear talk to each other in the normal manner.

Also available:
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Rubber Pencil
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Full range of Studio Ghibli Art puzzle 70 pieces, size 26 x 38cm.

A great gift for kids. This pencil is able to bend like a rubber, yet you can use it for writing.

Game Boy Advance
Woodcraf Construction
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A great gift for sport fans. Made out of 100% wood. Fix and created your own.
A great gift for all the MashiMaro fan which sold at Malaysia Mc Donald 2002.

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