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ppc32 - FAIL callfuncs.exp call/return/

From: sharan kumar
Subject: ppc32 - FAIL callfuncs.exp call/return/
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 13:48:05 -0000

on IBM ppc 440GP based ebony board with EDK tool kit for ppc-linux
The latest version of gdb-6.3( 20050805) giving some problem ( in previous versions also same problem ) while printing the float and double variables ( ref : gdb test suite ( gdb.base/call-sc.exp and callfuncs.exp)  FAILs)
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: p/c fun(); call call-sc-tf   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: p/c L; call call-sc-tf   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: value foo returned; return call-sc-tf   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: p/c fun(); call call-sc-td   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: p/c L; call call-sc-td   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: value foo returned; return call-sc-td   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: p/c fun(); call call-sc-tld   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: p/c L; call call-sc-tld   
   gdb.base/call-sc.exp: value foo returned; return call-sc-tld   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_float_values(3.14159,-2.3765)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_float_values(float_val1,float_val2)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_float_values(3.14159,float_val2)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_float_values(float_val1,-2.3765)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_float_values2(3.14159,float_val2)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_double_values(45.654,-67.66)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_double_values(double_val1,double_val2)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_double_values(45.654,double_val2)   
   gdb.base/callfuncs.exp: p t_double_values(double_val1,-67.66) 
is it sysv abi problem of ppc32?
or configuration problem of GDB for ppc32 ?

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