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typo in error message

From: rms
Subject: typo in error message
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 21:38:50 -0500

When I run the development Emacs under GDB 6.4,
it stops shortly after I start it, reporting an error in `hook_stop'.

    Error while running hook_stop:
    invalid type combination in ordering comparison

I believe that message is inaccurate.  Shouldn't it be `hook-stop'?

This left the question of why I had a hook-stop definition.
It turns out to be because Ututo GNU/Linux is derived from Gentoo,
and it gave me a .gdbinit file that claims to be from Gentoo,
which redefines lots of standard GDB commands.

We cannot stop Gentoo from doing that, but it will cause a lot of
confusion, so it would be good to try to convince them to take it out.

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