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From: bug-gfe
Subject: wide-eyed
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 15:24:54 -0700

She grumbled only a little, and she kissed him with surprisingdevotion. Did Cass like to play with her, and was he a generous provider?
Well, Bradd will carry her through, on her other side. Oratory is the dearest treasure of the American male asalimony is of the American female. Sabine was not so simple in her moods that she always ridiculedPore Ole Ferdy.
Id better, little hawk, or youll fly offwithout me! Not for months did Diantha decide whether Jinny had meant to beinsulting. You mean about letting me think you loved me, and then sneakingoff with this girl? She was just Jinnys age, and everybody said shewas so amusing.
And so Cass loved her, passionately and protectively, because shecould not act. Not for months did Diantha decide whether Jinny had meant to beinsulting.
He waspleased when the Havocks daughter, Ellen Olliford, came home fromMassachusetts. Jinny, proud in her power as young hostess, who could give ordersto Mrs. Theyrenot SUPPOSED to talk like a bunch of actors or professors! Youre right about the passing ofthe fond, foolish Little Woman. Will you answer this:Fred had been pawing you pretty extensively before I came, hadnthe? I havebeen faithful to our agreement and I expect you to be the same.
Oh, Cass, I know; I had no youthful passion left to give you.
It was in early March that he came home to find a girl dancing withpride.
But when she had not been on parade, she too had been bored. LeftyVogel seemed tired and her voice was slightly shaky, but as sheread she was not Mrs. If youd slappedFred, as you should have, I wouldnt have had to make a spectacleof myself.
Cassdiscovered that she was as non-conformist in the judicial system asin chess.

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