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From: bug-gfe
Subject: screen
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 01:43:13 +0900

Its so simple, after all, she said to herself as she walked on.
That kind of man wasnt made for the domestic yoke. It seems the Fifth Avenue Hotels on fire: theres where hes gone.
Lizzie Hazeldean felt herself turning pale.
Youll wear them in your dress this evening?
To continue, I think our little Cicely is excellent.
A latch-key rattled, and she heard her husbands step, and the sound of his cough below in the hall. Iwither because my thoughts are broken on the stem. One is so seldom taken with understanding. She rested her hand quickly on the hall table.
He is still quite willing to talk and write.
Oh, and the fat one with the paper roses in her hair. Ask thegentleman who plays Worthing to FEEL the part a little, not to act itquite so arduously.
Appendix IVCopy of a Communication received at the Ouija Board through Mrs.
Hubert was forever boring us youngsters with his Henry Prest! I know that, maam, and so I reminded him.
At Thirty-first Street she turned the corner with a quicker step. The leisured age isthe age which gives the dramatist his opportunity. But, then, of course, in all that crowd and confusion . Nothing was sacred to Kate, and she feigned not to notice Grandmammas mild frown of reproval. Hazeldeans lips; she felt it shuddering back to her heart.
The crowd attracted by the fire still enveloped her; it was safe to halt and take breath. I believed on earth,and now, I believe in eternal joy.
I felt she had been memorising my lines with an inwardappreciation of my intentions. I add them, although they are slight, as Ithink the ideas very characteristic of Wilde. Hazeldeans not in, said Susan, returning the smile respectfully.

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